Greetings Everyone,

My name is John Grasson and I will be the host of the Mojave Roadhouse, but who am I you ask? I am more or less just like you and yours, I love to travel, explore, check out old ghost towns and even mines. My passion is deeply rooted in the old legends and stories of the desert, whether it be the pioneers, treasure, towns, or nearly anything else. My credentials you ask? For three years I was the editor and publisher of Dezert magazine and I am considered the top expert concerning the legend of the Lost Ship of the Desert. I have been part of several TV shows and was also featured in an article from Newsweek. Also as of this writing, I continue to be active within the media on future programs. So what am I going to cover at the Mojave Roadhouse? All of the above, I’m hoping to meet some of the incredible personalities, explore the history of some of the coolest locations and share anything and everything I can.

But where is he Roadhouse located you ask? Everywhere, the Roadhouse is not just one location, it is a collection of local hearty eateries across the Southwest. It can be found anywhere and everywhere people gather to share a meal and a great story. I will be traveling throughout the Southwest looking for the legend keepers and record their story, so it can be preserved forever… Wherever we go to record the show, that is where the Roadhouse will be that week. With that in mind, I extend an invitation to each and everyone of you to follow my stories and I hope you enjoy and share the ride!!

Btw, if you have a wonderful story or know anyone with a great story, please send me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible

John Grasson ECV